5 And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.
6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you. (Luke 17:5-6)


Why go to Ecuador to help?

Mitarbeiter Juan Carlos übergibt ein Lebensmittelpaket an eine bedürftige ältere Frau


Why to Ecuador to help?

If you would like to find out more about why we personally traveled to Ecuador in August 2020 in the middle of the corona pandemic, click here !


Why stay: Current status April 2021

The corona pandemic also reached Ecuador in March 2020.

More than a year has passed since then!


In Quito alone, 44,000 children are no longer cared for by the public school. The public school broadcasts a 10-15 minute program on one of the official radio stations. But nobody hears it.
Where are the children if not at school?


Extreme poverty alone increased by over 1 million people in the last year. Extreme poverty defines a monthly salary of less than $ 47.37. Folks, that's about $ 1.5 a day to live on.
See report !


This is where we want to start, find out more in the "How we help" section


Daniel Metzler spricht mit einer älteren Frau aus Otovalo.

How we



How do we help?


Pan de Vida is an aid organization in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Rising poverty has caused the impoverished and help-seeking population group to grow in this South American country as well. The strict pandemic regulations challenged the team to find solutions based on biosecurity in order to continue providing support for all affected people.


With the pandemic, however, the step into a new era also accelerated, in which online communication, online networking and online further education became essential. Daniel is a specialist in software development and significantly supports the relief organization in handling all online processes. This involves processes in caring for those in need as well as comprehensive internal processes. This also includes donation management and donation feedback, which are a growing effort.

The small Pan de Vida team with ten employees now looks after 1,500 families in need - the number is increasing every month. Different types of assistance are offered. This includes, on the one hand, immediate aid in acute crisis situations through food parcels, hygiene items and mediation of medical care. On the other hand, there are sustainable projects, such as micro-business training and the granting of micro-credits, in order to give people the opportunity to be self-sufficient through their own business. These training courses take place with intensive and professional support from the Pan de Vida team .


All this help is only possible because the processes in the background work smoothly and the team works together perfectly.

The fruits of the labor are already visible after six months.

The administrative processes modernized by Daniel make it possible that the local employees of Pan de Vida are more and more "shoveled free" from office work, so that they can spend more of their time working directly with people.

Sylvia is on the organization team for child and youth work, which has been revitalized after a year
was shut down. This working group with the name “ La Gran Aventura ” (Eng. The great adventure) is created with the support of volunteers, among other things. The aim is to get 550 registered children enthusiastic about the Gospel with Christian video messages and to come into contact with the children through regular calls to the families.

The work in the software area will definitely take another year. An important part of this will be the training of local employees.


Because the sustainable goal is that they can develop and manage the innovations themselves. Many more plans for Daniel and Sylvia's work assignment for the next six months have been discussed. For example, they will increasingly oversee projects in the micro-business sector. They also look forward to getting started with more activities. A market project is being planned in which their microbusiness clients can sell their products in a well-marketed way.

It is also gratifying that four young people are expected to come to Pan de Vida for the next school year 2021/2022, who will help at Pan de Vida in the course of social services abroad. Here Daniel and Sylvia were entrusted with the task of looking after and accompanying the four social workers.



Why go to Ecuador to help?

Was kannst du tun? Werde ein Teil von unserer Arbeit!

do a social service abroad

pray for these people

Menschen von Otovalo winken uns beim Abschied zu. Wie kannst du finanziell helfen...

support financially

do a social service abroad

pray for these people


support financially

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Our family

Sylvia Metzler in Aktion bei Pan de Vida

Sylvia Metzler

Pedagogue and trained educator worked before her assignment in Ecuador last at the Kinderstube in Höchst

and since the 08.2020 with Hilfe die Ankommt

Sylvia is a nature lover and family man

Daniel Metzler

Project manager and software developer worked before his assignment in Ecuador at
InnoNav IT-Dienstleistungen GmbH
and since the 08.2020 with
Hilfe die Ankommt

Daniel is an instructor and technician in one.
A passionate father and family man.

Daniel Metzler in Aktion bei Pan de Vida
Jakob Metzler in Aktion bei Pan de Vida

Jakob Metzler

The oldest brother

Super sports ace and best brother
Passionate fistball player and movement talent

Status: secondary school student (MS Marienberg)

Olivia Metzler

The girl among the children

Super hard-working and social,

Olivia can be relied on at any time.

Status: Elementary school (Schulstube Höchst)

Olivia Metzler in Aktion bei Pan de Vida

Hannes Metzler

The youngest Metzler

A rogue as it is written in the book, He makes the trio complete.

Status : Kindergarten (Kinderstube Höchst)


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