current prayer requests


That the many impoverished families can find hope and confidence through the relief efforts in Pan de Vida. - We are very sad to see parents who are struggling and in spite of this can hardly care for their children, family members with disabilities or older family members.


That people who need urgent help can also be reached and learn of the support that is offered to them - many families are very isolated by the pandemic laws, were almost exclusively in their homes for months, away from school, work, social life ...


That the local employees of Pan de Vida keep the stamina, perseverance and faith to continue to work a lot of overtime for little wages - the better we get to know each and every one of the team, the more we are amazed at how much passion and commitment they and their families have get involved and how willing you are to put back personally and financially.


That volunteers can be found again who, despite the great fears that prevail in the country due to infection, work actively - Pan de Vida has always been richly blessed by local and international volunteers thanks to good networking. So the great work could do great things with only a few employees. Currently, the campaigns with up to 300 families cover eight full-time employees and an average of five volunteers.


We are blessed by the support of our church in Dornbirn. They also keep our pace financially and friends and family loyally support us. This is wonderful for us to experience. We were also able to organize grants for a year, which is awesome.

Much is still pending for the next year. Because staying in Ecuador is expensive. But we want to stay and ask God that he can bring the finances together for the second year