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2. La gran Aventura (implementation)

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The project for Christian youth work is in the middle of the start-up phase. I can be part of the team. And above all, I am completely overwhelmed by the initiative of the volunteers. They are just awesome. They are faithfully present at all meetings, come prepared and also contribute diligently during the week. I really like working with these women and it motivates me to continue working on my Spanish skills.

Background information about the project:

During the Christmas campaigns, parents had the opportunity to register their children if they wanted a youth program for their children. The Pan de Vida team wanted to estimate how great the interest was. The offer should initially take place online, but regular personal contact should also be established via telephone contacts. And as soon as possible, the goal is to start a program with real meetings. And believe it or not, 550 children were registered!

And as a reminder, Pan de Vida is a small aid organization with a team of 10 employees. And there was the question in the room - how should that be implemented. So for me the question about that number of kids was huge. But I was amazed again how the team immediately began to take action. And now, after developing a concept for the video units, we started the first video recordings last Saturday. And the women have already started to come into contact with the children by telephone.

A huge challenge to come into contact with 550 children, to build relationships.

A woman reported on Saturday that she had a mother on the phone and asked how is her son? Whether he already has the books from "La Gran Aventura" and the handicrafts in use. The mother began to tell of her great suffering, that her son had died a few days ago.

And Jeff, the head of this project, was very upset. He said this late boy showed how important it is for us to come and stay in contact. That we get an insight into how the families are doing, what needs the children have, that we can offer them specific help. Our ability to mediate medical help is also an important offer.

I have heard reports here from people, family members, who are dying. And what I am aware of is that people die of a lot in poverty. In the absence of medical help, people die in poverty from infected teeth, broken hands, or sore throats. It is difficult for us as Europeans to understand. For me, in Ecuador, poverty is the virus that kills people.


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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