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4. Microbusiness "From Zero to Hero"

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Here we have listed some microbusiness founders who have successfully started their own small business as part of our MEP program.


01/04/2021 - Mosquera de Tisoy Leidys Margoth

Visit to Leidys Margoth, the

started a repair business in Quito with her husband Bill Alexander.

Thanks to the microcredit from PDV, they were able to survive the time of their corona illness and continue to successfully run the company afterwards.

We were particularly impressed by Bill when he told us how he transported the devices to be repaired by public bus and dragged them several kilometers on foot!

Leidys told us about their leukemia and how much they struggled when they both got Corona.

When we asked what made them persevere and not give up, they told us about their living faith and how Jesus works in their lives and gives hope! WAU ....

During the regular visits we get an overview of the progress and difficulties of microbusiness. Key figures are recorded by mobile phone and photos are automatically stored so that the assigned mentor can easily get an overview for the next online meeting.


16/03/2021 - Yhibelis Katiusca

Yhibelis Katiusca is another participant in our micro-entrepreneurship program at Pan de Vida . We got to visit them at their home and a couple of our interns / staff got to participate in their business by getting their eyebrows raised! Here is an excerpt from her story published on Pan de Vida's blog:

"In the beginning, Yhibelis walked to Pan de Vida for hours for help. After giving birth in August 2019, in addition to the food donations, she also received formula and diapers from Pan de Vida . Yhibelis was invited to join the micro-entrepreneur program and created one Plan to create a stable source of income for herself with her many years of experience as a beautician.

Starting over financially was incredibly difficult for Yhibelis after immigrating from Venezuela to Ecuador, but through the grace of God and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, she was able to overcome the many obstacles on the way. "

If you want to read about their history and how it was more a member of our program, please visit the blog ( the blog post ) by Pan de Vida .


15/03/2021 - Jenni Suntaxi

Last week, part of our team visited a participant in our micro-entrepreneurship program. The story of Jenni Suntaxi can be read in detail on the blog ( to the blog entry ) of Pan de Vida , but here is an excerpt from her story:

"Jenni wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to bake quimbolitos - a sweet steamed cake cooked in achira leaves. As part of Pan de Vida's entrepreneurship training in early 2020, Jenni learned entrepreneurial skills such as making quimbolitos , Customer service and the math skills required to start a profitable business. "

We continue to support Jenni and her family and see God's work in their lives. Please join us in prayer for Jenni and her family!


22/02/2021 - Tania Sisa

Tania Sisa Maldonado Perugachi is a woman of strong faith who has learned to rely on the Lord through difficult circumstances. She is 22 years old, a single mother and is faced with the task of caring for her little boy and parents. Tania lives in a town called Cotacachi, in a house that is falling apart, with harsh conditions where she has to raise her son and take care of her parents. Fortunately, she didn't have to face these challenges alone. She found hope in Christ and tried to expand her fellowship through services held in her home. She created a community of people who gathered with neighbors and families to praise God and learn from His Word.

Tania also found support and encouragement from Pan de Vida . She received help in the form of school supplies for her child when she was introduced to the micro-entrepreneurship program. She also received food packages for her family and gifts for her child during our Christmas program. Currently, Tania is a proud participant in Pan de Vida's micro-entrepreneur program and is developing her running venture to raise guinea pigs, which she sells in the market in San Luis de Pigulca. This traditional food is a very valued delicacy in the surrounding Imbabura province, which provides Tania and her family with a stable income. With the help of the Pan de Vida seed capital programTania was able to increase her productivity by raising more animals in better conditions. That raised their hopes for the future. Tania firmly believes that with God's blessings and hard work, her company will be successful. God's provision through the work of Pan de Vida has given Tania the confidence and the means to provide for her family. We continue to pray for Tania and her family, and hope that the story of her faith and hard work will inspire others to lift themselves out of poverty.

To the blog entry


05/02/2021 - Jesus Amarillo

This morning a few of our interns from the USA were able to pray for one of our micro-entrepreneurs, Jesus. He is the proud owner of Pollo Amarillo, a mobile chicken distribution company. We thank the Lord for his success and keep praying for business to flourish!


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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