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7. Microbusiness - Care Visits

We have almost reached our goal of 220 microbusiness by the end of October.

Around 40 of the microbusinesses that have started are currently exposed to extreme conditions. Have lost family members, stopped taking the children back to school, no more money to pay daily household bills and no prospect of continuing their business.

That is why we have decided to give these families more love and time

and to visit each and every one of them. Not to drive in the credit or with admonishing words, but with a lot of love, patience and encouraging conversations, with prayer and support.

Based on what Jesus said in Luke 15: 4 in the parable:

4 “Imagine if one of you had a hundred sheep and one of them is lost, what will he do? Doesn't he leave ninety-nine on the steppes to look for the lost sheep until he finds it? 5When he finds it, he takes it on his shoulders with joy 6and carries it home. Once there, he calls his friends and neighbors together: “Rejoice with me, I have found my lost sheep!” HFA Luke 15: 4

The Care Visit Team:

Our teams go out every Thursday to visit the different families:


We visited the microbusiness at work:


And at home:

  • We helped solve technical problems

  • We gave comfort in prayer

  • We gave a food package to alleviate the direct emergency situation

  • We made appointments with doctors possible in the event of medical emergencies

  • We created individual action steps on how families can start their business again


We will continue with our care visits until the end of November! Wrestle for each and every one of the microbusinesses, pray and give practical help!

"Lend a helping hand"


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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