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8. Microbusiness - Christina Astudillo a woman as strong as her faith

Whenever the Pan de Vida team is on their way to new "Care Visits" and visits our micro-entrepreneurs at home or at work, the route to their destination is uncertain.


When we get to Christina we are a little nervous. She has not been able to make loan repayments so far and we were not sure what we would find.

We were all the more surprised when Christina opened the door and proudly invited us into her visibly simple home with a friendly "Mi casa es tu casa" .

Christina Astudillo is an Ecuadorian mother with four grown children, two of whom live with her. She is a hairdresser by profession and worked in a salon. When the pandemic struck the country, she lost her job and her financial situation deteriorated so she turned to Pan de Vida for help.

Pan de Vida gave her the support she needed to start her life again.

The "Capital Semilla" and the entrepreneurship program enabled Christina to set up her own micro-company called CROS (comida rapida organica y saludable).

She uses the products from her garden to make organic ready meals that can be ordered via Whatsapp. Their youngest daughter Christina suffers from leukemia, a blood cancer. When she was diagnosed with cancer, the mother had to

Completely changing her daughter's diet, which is why she came up with the idea of ​​CROS.

With this food she would like to offer a possibility not only for her daughter, but also for other people who take care of her health,

easy - cheap - healthy to live!

Christina's wish is to have her own restaurant so that more people can have access to healthy cuisine.


As it turned out, she cannot pay back the loan at the moment, as she is putting all the money she can save into the drug treatment of her sick daughter, about $ 80 a month!

In tears, she tells us that sometimes the money for the urgently needed medication is missing and her daughter's state of health then deteriorates dramatically!

On the part of Pan de Vida, we will examine how we can better help her medically, but our options are also limited.


When we investigate the meaning of the plastic strips on the ceiling, she explains to us that the roof of her house has been leaking for a long time and that she and her daughters have put this temporary measure in place so as not to get wet in the house.

There is a lack of funds to renovate the desolate house and they cannot pursue the plan to install sanitary facilities either. All the money goes into her daughter's medication!


Christina and her daughter are strong women who take their faith very close to their hearts. With their humble demeanor, they trust in God who will guide them through all difficulties! We were very impressed by her cheerful manner against her circumstances!

We end our visit with a common prayer in which we pray for the health of your daughter, her young microbusiness and the improvement of her living conditions (the desolate house).

UPDATE 11/05/2021:

The heavy rains in recent days have led to a landslide at Christina's house and destroyed the garden and the house. Thank God Christina and her daughters noticed the movement of the slope in time so that they could just leave the house before the roof and the front half of the house slid down the slope.

As soon as we heard about it, Pan de Vida provided immediate aid in the form of food packages and is now helping to check the situation and, if necessary, to help with reconstruction. We will keep you up to date...


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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