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Creative Workshop - Cards

During our " Care Visits " we have repeatedly encountered similar situations. Single mothers have to choose between income generation and childcare. The schools here in Ecuador are still not open again. The Minister of Education is considering options. (see article )

What to do if...

  • What to do with the children when single parents start a microbusiness?

  • What to do when you are physically unable to stand on your feet for hours in the park?

The solution...

  • produce at home and sell through other channels!


Creative workshop with the Art Serve Int missionaries Freedom and Nancy in Pan de Vida

The participants:

The product:

The team behind the workshop:

For us it was particularly nice to experience how the participants had noticeably fun through the guidance of Freedom and Nancy and how they were at work according to the motto "Empower the Mind. Inspire the Heart" .

All microbusinesses will have the opportunity to sell their products at the upcoming Pan de Vida Christmas market. We are excited to see what you will implement from the content learned in the workshops.


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

Learn more about mustard seed | The Metzler family at Pan de Vida in Ecuador





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