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Creative Workshop - Cards 2022

During the microbusiness home visits , we were able to experience how diligently many families are involved in their small businesses. However, in many cases the children have fallen behind. Many children show abnormalities, are neglected and the parents are in despair. Single parents, in particular, are under intense pressure to leave their children alone for hours every day while they work on the street or in the distant park for the necessary income.

The idea was born to create a product with them that they can produce at home, that is durable and made of cheap materials. It should also be beautiful and special.

Sylvia did this and other workshops for microbusiness in crisis together with artist friends Nancy and Freedom from the Missionswerk ( Art Serve Int ). It was brilliant to experience how the artistic work inspired hearts and gave rise to cheerful conversations and great creative examples.

"Empower the Mind, inspire the Heart"

The workshop takes place over two afternoons and has a creative part and a business-learning part.

The resulting great Uniquate are already on their way to Vorarlberg in April. your sales proceeds. will flow directly to the creative producers.

But the sale of the beautiful pieces will also start at several locations in Quito.


03/14 Hard-working helpers preparing for the workshop:


Workshop 23.03

At 1 p.m. it was time. 20 great people from microbusiness were present at our course. In the midst of their challenging life situations, they have courageously and diligently tried out their newly learned techniques and skills.

Incidentally, we organized an ingenious childcare program for the course at the same time and so the children were also very happy there.

The participants of the creative workshop and their first works:


The volunteers help with the childcare. Nice to have full life in the house of Pan de Vida !


Workshop 30.03

comming soon...


Wir sind Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler. Erfahre noch mehr über Senfkorn | Familie Metzler bei Pan de Vida in Ecuador auf https://www.feg-dornbirn.at/ueber-uns/unser-team/mission-weltweit https://www.hilfedieankommt.at/de/projekte/entwicklungshilfe/pan-de-vida https://pandevida.org.ec/


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