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Hitsquad use in severe weather

Christina's house was badly damaged

The heavy rains in recent days have led to a landslide at Christina's house and destroyed the garden and the house. Thank God Christina and her daughters noticed the movement of the slope in time so that they could just leave the house before the roof and the front half of the house slid down the slope.

As soon as we heard about it, Pan de Vida made immediate aid available in the form of food packages and is now helping to check the situation and, if necessary, to rebuild. We will keep you up to date...

You can find out more details about Christina in our previous blog post .


Pan de Vida immediately decides to "move out"

We pack shovels, order materials and help rebuild Christina's destroyed house. Sore muscles guaranteed!


Incredibly nice for us to experience how Christina is joyful and full of hope! God constantly praises and praises and does not complain!

We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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