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Mudslide through Quito

La Gasca and La Comuna sectors badly affected

On Monday January 31, heavy rains triggered a mudslide that hit parts of Quito badly. Many people are missing and there are already more than 20 dead.

Here are a few photos from the morning of February 1st, 2022:

Pan de Vida has activated the "Emergency Response" program

and is currently coordinating with partners such as HCJB and EFC Quito to raise funds and respond to the situation.

After initial coordination with the local authorities, we will be on site tomorrow and the day after to help with the clean-up and recovery work. Another team will be distributing food packages and hygiene items, blankets and Bibles over the next few days.

Since quick help often works well, but the support for the affected families then quickly dwindles, PDV has agreed to provide food packages for the next 2 months!

Here are a few impressions of the first operations on site:

The Pan de Vida team was asked why they are so involved in this emergency and one of the team members responded:

We are Christians, we are called to make the problems of others our own!

"Hilfe die ankommt" launched a call for donations, which you can use to support the affected families on site! God bless you!


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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