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Personal April 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

About the team:

In the Pan de Vida team, many employees were sick during these last rainy months. Three were seriously ill and bedridden for two to three weeks. One tested positive for Corona, two negative. (see blog entry )

As you can imagine, there is a lot of work and the to-do lists are long. Everyone is also very challenged emotionally. The Pan de Vida team had two weeks of emergency at the beginning of the pandemic and the gates were closed. But then the head Oscar and the closed team decided to resume work with the support of those in need. Since then, the need for support and workload for the team has grown almost weekly.

We admire the motivation and hard work of the team and it's great to work with them. We love to work with everyone. That is why we care about your concerns. In team meetings it was often mentioned that social distancing is seen as a burden for many. Although people are helped, keeping their distance is always a constant main part. "Sometimes I feel like a robot", "We don't just want to deal with people", "I don't have a relationship with people" ... all of that are expressed concerns of our work colleagues.

We are strongly challenged to adhere to the strictest hygiene safety measures. There is always the danger that the activities of the aid organization will be banned if there are violations of the pandemic regulations.

The hardworking team of Pan de Vida is a great prayer request of us. We pray that they will continue to be strengthened in their calling. That they find time to rest and recharge their batteries. That they will get or stay healthy. That they can provide for their families well despite financial hardship.


About us five:

Our children are doing well at the moment! We are happy because there are often very challenging phases. We have to actively seek and maintain contacts so as not to isolate the children too much.

You now play soccer in the park with other children twice a week.

Although football is not their favorite sport, the three fistball players believe from the bottom of my heart, I made all three of them by force Our eldest in particular was just too depressed about sitting around the house and online schooling.

The picture came to me of the lion we had seen in the zoo. He was very tired and had pale eyes. One of my sons asked me at the time, why does the lion look so sad? And I had to explain to him that when a wild animal is caged it will lose all of its muscles and run and climb against its nature and will just lie around and become unhappy.

And when I discovered the similar look on my son, I knew the kids just had to move around outside, run and climb and do sports until they were tired. For a few weeks I tried to be her trainer and to exhaust her in the park. They were happy, but I was the only one exhausted in the evening. And then it was cool when I was able to integrate all three of them into a group that trains regularly in the park with two young men. That's great!

It remains exciting in Ecuador! Un Gran Aventura!

We are happy that you are connected to us and the people in Ecuador, that you think with us, that you pray for us with your feelings and support us!

We also pray for you, our companions, the FEG Dornbirn , our friends and family.


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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