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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

June 2021

Paul ends his assignment abroad:

Paul, the volunteer for Hilfe die ankommt, who lived with us, travels back to Austria, it's time to say goodbye. A two-sided event for the children and us. On the one hand we were really happy for Paul that he had completed his challenging time as the only volunteer at PDV and on the other hand the kids had grown very fond of Paul and will definitely miss him. Who is playing soccer with you in the park now?


We're moving:

With Paul's last days in Ecuador, the time for us to move had come. The family we rented the house from are planning to come back from the States. And since Paul was also leaving, we no longer needed an additional bedroom. So Paul was able to help us with moving and spend the last night on the sofa in our new home. I think that made it even easier for him to say goodbye :-)


The first year of school in Ecuador is coming to an end:

Since many things went differently as planned due to the pandemic and there were no graduation parties, we held a graduation party at home with the kids and they presented us with their completed work.

They did a great job, and instead of a note there was ice cream ;-):


The Pan de Vida team is getting smaller again:

Martina, an employee and good friend from Italy, is traveling back to Europe. Together with Oscar and Daniel, she was in charge of creating and implementing the microbusiness program in Pan de Vida ! " We will miss you, Martina"


July 2021

The children got off to a good start into the summer vacation and are helping out in the aid organization. You enjoy helping other people. It is very nice to experience how the commitment to other people affects them, touches them and motivates them.

We are very proud!


We have visitors...

My "little" sister Christina & her partner David and my mother Erika are visiting. We enjoy showing them our lives here, spending time together and having many interesting conversations. And what a joy it is to experience the three hard-working Vorarlberg employees in Pan de Vida!

We are having a good time together!


August 2021

Preparations for the new volunteers are in full swing.

Our Federal President personally bid farewell to all young people from their social year abroad in Vienna, and so did our eagerly awaited volunteers. We are really looking forward to Jenny, Leonie, Josia and Simon and wish them lots of power and God's blessings as they prepare.

At Pan de Vida we start into "autumn". Much about school is still unclear, but we go on trusting in the Lord of good cheer.

We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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