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Personal November 2021

What touches us most personally is the adoring situation Ecuador has been placed in over the past two years. Due to the Corona measures, the children in particular have fallen behind. The schools are closed for almost two years. Online lessons are available for those who can afford a cell phone and the internet. (Only 10% of the students attend the schools in gift lessons)

In a country where education decides between poverty, extreme poverty or the upper class, the effects of this educational collapse are indescribable. We are worried about what will become of these children and young people. The lack of education and especially the lack of care will leave deep marks. In almost all microbusinesses, we experience that children are at home many hours a day without being cared for. We find it fatal that the children are at home alone with cell phones and internet access. More on this

Our big question is how can parents take good care of their children in all this need?


And what touches us, our children also get up close and personal. They see the poverty and learn to ask a lot of questions, they also think about it.

A few days ago I was walking around town with Olivia. Several families with children camped at a large roundabout. They begged and the children cleaned car windows for a little money. As we were walking past a small group, an older boy started beating up his younger brother (as I suspected). I stopped, frightened. He hit him so hard that you could hear each blow thump. And he threw it against a lamppost right next to us. I was so frightened. "Stop it, let go of him," I called. But the big boy held the little boy by the shirt and raised his fist for the next blow. Nobody else stopped. A bus drove by with the door open and a man called up, "Listen up guys". But the two looked at each other angrily. The tears ran down the cheeks of the smaller one, but he too had now raised his hand to a tightly closed fist. I was really afraid that something bad would happen here, so Olivia pulled on my hand "Mom, I'm afraid, goma .. please!" I replied that we cannot go. "Please let your brother go! Stop it, please!" The boy looked at me for a long time. Then finally, an adult shouted from further back, maybe the father "stop it!" And the boys parted.

I haven't really done much here, we can easily guess how things went on between the two of them in the coming hours and days.

But what would it have done to us if we had just kept walking. Olivia talked about the two of them a few more times. She said how sorry she is for both of them because nobody is looking at them properly, because they have to work on the street, because their lives are so rough and poor.


We ourselves have been given rich gifts that our children are well looked after and educated. You are diligently participating. We look forward to seeing them grow and develop. You have learned Spanish well by now. The grammar is sometimes still stuck, but you can converse fluently with everyone.

Jakob Olivia and Hannes are still big family people and like it when several people are together. They also enjoy being part of the Pan de Vida campaigns. All employees are always happy and accommodating to them. And especially our four youngsters from their social year like to involve them in activities. And so moments of homesickness pass quickly.

Appropo family - surprisingly there were offspring. We have been proud rabbit owners for half a year now. Three rabbit ladies, we were assured, and a few weeks ago there were a lot of young rabbits. That about the three "rabbit ladies" was probably not quite the truth. To the great joy of our children. They look after and care for the whole rabbit family with a lot of love. For the little ones we are now looking for places where they don't end up in the saucepan. Even if it wasn't my plan to accommodate a whole flock of rabbits, I can see how good it is for the children to have a lead for a little creature, to take responsibility and to experience first-hand how exciting and beautiful God's creatures are.


Here are a few more insights

Creative workshop in Pan de Vida with Art Serve Int , our kids are happy to be there!


Olivia's talk about rabbits


Jakob and Mateo building a rabbit hutch


Quito earthquake

That day we had a strong earthquake in the capital. The strongest since we are in Ecuador. The school and PDV were evacuated immediately. Everyone strictly followed the evacuation plan and no one was injured. Unfortunately, some of the window panes in our house broke and a wall was cracked.

Thank goodness only material damage!


Fiesta de Quito

That will be celebrated again this year and we were able to learn something new about Quito's history in Hannes' study group.

PS The pictures are deceiving, by the way, in Ecuador it is mandatory to wear a mask everywhere except in your own home. The mask is often removed briefly only for photos.


We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

Learn more about mustard seed | The Metzler family at Pan de Vida in Ecuador





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