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Political vacuum - presidential election 2021

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The presidential election in Ecuador took place at the beginning of February. The incumbent President Moreno did not stand for election. All Ecuadorians were required to vote. Three candidates turned out to be the front runners. There was a head to head race for second place.

The two with the most votes will decide the president in a runoff election in April. With much rumors of corruption and electoral fraud, a candidate named Yaku was relegated to third place. As a man with indigenous roots, he was the preferred candidate of the indigenous population.

Yaku then called on the indigenous population to revolt. We are curious how the domestic political situation will develop up to the second election date in April.


When the indigenous people protested in the capital 18 months ago, there were many roadblocks and rioting and fires in the city. The people's hatred of indigenous people, which they believed to be buried, also simmered. Even today this aversion can be heard again in conversations.

We pray for a President who will wisely lead the diverse population of Ecuador and stand up for the needs of the people. For a president who doesn't pull the country in front of the Corona cart. One who stands up for the people.

We are Daniel Metzler, Sylvia Metzler, Jakob Metzler, Olivia Metzler, Hannes Metzler.

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